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Martin Luther King

Monday, 23 August 2010

Perhaps a new Look

So after almost a month of having this blog I think I've become used to blogging. As I cannot access blogger for over half the year I'm thinking about switching platforms and with this change perhaps altering the style of the blog. All types of clothes, lenghtier posts discussing sub cultures, new original pictures (hoping to get a camera soon) and perhaps the odd interview here and there. Also, I intend to start doing a few book reviews, a few quick guides to certain things and I hope the blog will become a lot more interesting and varied. I'm not sure whether it will have the same title or whether I'll change it. There will still be a few posts similar to the ones seen here but it won't just be preppy/varsity clothing and discussion on fashion. Expect everything and anything. I can't say exactly when this change over will occur but expect it before the end of the year hopefully. Bear with me!

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