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Martin Luther King

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Back at Last

After a week in Yorkshire and Derbyshire I've returned to the internet. It was alright, not my favourite place in Britain though (Brighton is still Number One!). Anyways while there I spent any downtime watching Mad Men season 2 on the laptop and cannot get enough of it!
On the subject of Mad Men I've decided that the next few posts will all be based on a few of the character's style and personality (only men as women's fashion still confuses me!). Tomorrow's will be Roger Stirling and then the next few will follow probably on a daily basis.
I'll also be trying to get an interview with a musician or two over the next few weeks left of the holidays.
Finally, while I was away it seems three people have become my "followers" (that makes me your leader?!) which is really good. Please comment on any post and feel free to contact me if you have any wishes for posts or if you have a complaint/rant.

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