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Monday, 19 July 2010

Some Brilliant Summer Shorts

I am rabidly anti-cargo shorts unless you are a) a soldier or b) someone who actually needs 20 pockets on your legs. As such, I won't mention them again. However, I am loving this new trend of smarter twill shorts with cuffs (I call it a trend because even Topman has caught on!) which are a great alternative to the surfer/chav look which the nation seems to sport all summer long!
Not only are these smart shorts suitable for formal occasions, they can be worn in casual circumstances as well provided one gets the rest of the look right. They can look very good when put with a jacket and shirt, very useful for when the weather gets too hot for a full suit. However, you don't want your shorts too long or too short if wearing them formally. Too long: You no longer look smart, too short: Leave it to the women. I'd say that 1 or 2 inches above the knee cap should be good.
Now onto pictures and prices:
First up, Topman's basic offerings. Topman have really taken to this trend and have produced plenty of colours to choose from. Some are too bright to go with formal dress codes so I've chosen a simple grey pair. For £26, you can't complain.

Next up we have JW's offering. These shorts are very comfortable, not too tight, and the white goes beautifully with a matching jacket or shirt. They might also go well with some nice white bucks. I'd wear them casually with a bold pair of suede loafers and formally with Alden tassles.

Finally, Ralph Lauren's lovely shorts. These aren't cuffed but they shouldn't come below the knee. Being a lighter colour, they look brilliant for summer.
That concludes the post, tomorrow, I'll put up a very large summer feature with a few concepts and plenty of suggestions for new looks and classic styles.

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