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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

On Sockless Loafers

I have noticed recently a lot of blogs showing or discussing the sockless lock. I rather like it and have been wearing my driving shoes sockless recently. It gives off a very casual air and looks very Sartorialist (especially if done with leather loafers or perhaps brogues). It also stops the need for uncomfortably hot socks in the present summer weather which is certainly a blessing. Quite a few blogs and magazines praise those "invisible" socks which stop your feet from sweating too much directly onto the insides of the shoes. I have not tried these with anything but trainers because the only ones I have are white and so would not go at all with any of my more formal shoes.

However, a brilliant site (I know, I keep cribbing things off other sites, I'll have to make my own inspiration soon!) simply advocated dilligent washing of the feet and not wearing the same shoes too often so perhaps the invisible option is unnecesary?

I think sockless is a brilliant trend (Can one call it a trend? I hope it stays around) and certainly advise rocking it this summer. As such, I thought I might recommend a few great shoes for it at both ends of the price spectrum.

First up, at the bottom of the market, though still incredibly comfortable and with good soles, the River Island loafers. Now I have a pair in yellow (after seeing Bright Young Things I couldn't resist) but I think black works in both casual and smart casual circumstances. Oh, and did I mention they are only 40 pounds?

Next up (apologies for the appaling layout, I'm only just getting to grips with blogger) are some lovely Ralph Lauren shoes. The blue option is my favourite but there is also tan and some darker colours. They have a good solid sole so there is no worry of them wearing out (there shouldn't be, they cost 395 dollars) and once waterproofed would make a good accompaniement to the Henley look or even a nautical outfit. If I wore them, I'd probably team them with a seersucker suit and of course wear them sockless.


Finally, in the upper echelons of the driving shoe world, we have a shoe from a brand that has recently seen a far bigger customer base than it would have in the past with a new outlet on the House of Fraser site: New and Lingwood. Their shoes are to die for and come in a selection of colours (Dark Blue, Tan, Red) and are very nice. 249 quid will bag you these in the present sale so be quick (original price, 300 pounds):

To conclude today's post, the suede loafer is an item that has connotations of luxurious decadence. Suede is certainly one of my favourite materials as it is so smooth but can be applied to anything really and is not overly expensive but seems - for lack of a better word - classy. Wear 'em proudly.

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